I Believe in Acupuncture

I suppose that I embrace the statement “I believe in acupuncture,” but in reality it is one those catchphrases that most nettles me. My conflict came to mind after reading a fascinating and heartening article in the New York Times by Christopher McDougall, “What Donkeys Know About Autism.” (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/08/well/move/what-donkeys-know-about-autism.html) The piece, from the 12/8/16 issue, reports on Hal Walter, a Coloradan skilled “in the art of burro racing, the old Rocky Mountain sport of running marathon distances alongside a trotting donkey.” (Burro, it turns out, is Spanish for donkey.) Of greater interest to me, however, lies in the therapeutic effect donkeys seem to ha

Smoke Gets in Whose Eyes?

All acupuncture works. The question is: how does it work? This question comes to mind every day I’m in my clinic, because I bring myself and my predilections to work with me. I discuss my approach to acupuncture with my patients in an effort to be as transparent as possible and to think out loud. And today it comes to mind because I’d like to discuss my approach to smoking cessation. I love helping people who want to stop smoking. It is a privilege to be a part of the process of change, even more so when change is accompanied by such positive, tangible outcomes. For the patient, the outcomes include the satisfaction of achievement, the immediate experience of the body’s repair, the savings i

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