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"I knew I was in the care of a healer when I chose to work with Bill and experienced the results of the sessions in less than two months. Thank you, Bill, for restoring my health and helping me regain my life activities and positive spirit."
R.K. Staatsburg, NY.

cancer care support 

"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemotherapy, the most difficult side-effect to deal with was constant nausea. It was disabling. After my first visit to Bill’s office, the nausea decreased. Over the next few weeks, I was able to function normally for the most part and returned to work full time."
R.S., New Paltz

TMJ pain

"I've been receiving acupuncture treatments from Bill for several years. What started as a treatment for acute TMJ turned out to be the first step towards recapturing my general overall health. Acupuncture is a great jumping off point into a world where health does not come in a pill. A world where health is a way of life, and a balanced body and mind is the goal. Bill is great guide into this world."
J.B., New York City.

smoking cessation

I was a smoker struggling to quit smoking when I went to see Bill Weinstein.  At each treatment session Bill made it a very calming and peaceful experience. He guided me through the difficult process and I am happy to say that I have been smoke- free for 6 months!  Even after quitting, Bill has continued to give support and guidance when I've needed it.  I highly recommend Bill as an acupuncturist.
 A. Z., New York City



I had tried treating the migraines with several different medications, but I found the side effects were extremely unpleasant and the effectiveness was reduced after a couple months.  My first acupuncture treatment left me more relaxed and calm than I ever could have imagined.  The migraines disappeared almost completely after that first treatment, although I still experienced more mild ones every few months for the first year.  Now (after more than 3 years and continued treatment at longer intervals), I haven't had a migraine in close to 2 years.  It's amazing!
M.P., New York City


smoking cessation

To whom it may concern,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank William Weinstein for his assistance in my smoking cessation quest. As I guess many people have, I quit smoking a thousand times, maybe more. Smoking Cessation was at the top of my list of things to fail at! 


I was fortunate enough to be referred to Bill in his Cherry Hill Plaza location. I was very skeptical about someone being able to stick me like a pin cushion and make me not want to smoke. Well, Bill said let’s get to work and he began placing his needles. It was a Saturday morning when I got the treatment and got home about Noontime. I was in a state of total relaxation, just sat down on the couch with a grin on my face and did not get up from the couch until Monday morning!


What a peaceful and relaxed state was in for the critical first two days of my new not smoking lifestyle! It was mid April I believe the fourteenth five years ago. The first two days were always the hardest for me. After smoking for almost 30 years I have never looked back! I still to this day live a non-smoking lifestyle (although I still enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke!).


I would like to thank Bill for the initial momentum I needed to cease smoking, best healthy decision I have ever made! 


God Bless you, Sir! Keep up the good work!

DA, Ulster County

stress / relaxation

"William Weinstein was the first acupuncturist I ever visited; he saw me on very short notice on the day before major surgery because my bodywork practitioner said it would help me relax before the unknown of the operating room.  I subsequently became a regular patient as Bill’s care, concern, artistry and overall excellent technique substantially improved my physical condition and balanced my emotional one.  Although I have since relocated to another state, I continue to consult with Bill." J.B., Dallas TX.

sinus pain

I have suffered with bad sinus headaches for over 40 years. All I got from medical doctors were prescriptions for antibiotics or directions to continue my customary use of over the counter sinus medication. On some days I was at the point of taking twice the recommended dose just to get some relief. When I had my first appointment with Bill, I was surprised to feel an immediate change in my sinuses during the treatment. After a few more sessions my sinus pain disappeared completely. It has been 9 months since then and the sinus problems have not returned. An added benefit of the treatments was an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being.  I highly recommend Bill Weinstein. He's not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also works interactively so that the treatments are customized to your particular wants and needs.

G.K., Rosendale

smoking cessation

"The professional treatments and advice I have received from Bill have noticeably and remarkably enhanced the state of my health and well-being in a very short period of time.  He has impressed me with his strong desire to help and assist his clients in reaching their health goals."
A.S., Wallkill

Minimize pain. Maximize performance.

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