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Conditions I treat

Most often, I’m treating pain: sports injuries, repetitive strain, headache (including migraine), temperomandibular pain (TMD), arthritis pain. Treatment for pain addresses both the nervous system and muscle/fascia local to the issue.

I’ve treated infertility and acid reflux. Most recently, someone came to see me because his Eustachian tubes had been clogged for three weeks after getting over a cold. He couldn’t hear well and had tickets to fly to Europe in a week’s time. You can’t put a needle in a Eustachian tube. After two back-to-back visits, the problem was 99% resolved and he flew to Europe without incident.

Pain exists in the nervous system. Acupuncture can modulate pain signals and permit a faster return to comfort and function. Acupuncture is a treatment of choice for pain.


Acupuncture helps injured tissue to heal, including connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia), muscles and nerves. It can help soothe the mind. It can help regulate organ function. The emphasis here is on the word help. The body’s innate capacity for healing and renewal sometimes needs an intervention to set it in motion.

If you wish to learn whether I can treat your condition, whether an injured shoulder or back, or something more off the beaten path, I welcome you to call me.


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