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battlefield acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture is a protocol for rapid pain relief developed for the U.S. Armed Forces by Air Force Col. Richard Niemstow, MD. It entails the placement of tiny needles on and around the external ear. BFA is being disseminated widely throughout the military for use in combat situations, during the transport of wounded warriors to hospitals, and in V.A. hospitals. In May 2019, it was accredited for teaching in U.S. and Canadian medical schools.


All acupuncture engages the body’s remarkable ability to regain balance and move toward healing. Battlefield Acupuncture entails the placement of tiny needles on and around the external ear. The needles are retained for one to three days. Most people experience an immediate reduction in pain, whether for headache, migraine, neck and back pain, pain from arthritis or other pain conditions.


Acupuncture is entering the mainstream of American healthcare, as is evidenced by its embrace by our armed forces. With increasing public concern about the use of narcotic pain medication, acupuncture, with a track record stretching back across millennia, is an increasingly attractive vehicle for pain relief.


To schedule a clinic appointment or for information, contact William Weinstein, L.Ac. at 845-255-2070 or via this website by clicking this link.

Learn more about Battlefield Acupuncture

The documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, is available at Amazon Prime Video. At Minute 53, you can view a seven-minute segment about the use of Battlefield Acupuncture in the field and at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Minimize pain. Maximize performance.

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