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trauma rehabilitation and acupuncture/dry needling

Trauma rehabilitation starts with trauma PRE-habilitation. It's best to avoid injury in the first place. 


Regular acupuncture/dry needling will make you less prone to injury by keeping your muscles healthier, more resilient and more able to attain peak loading, whether you're an athlete or someone who is facing recovery from traumatic injury. The same mechanism that promotes the health of muscles and other soft-tissue structures will speed their healing when injured.


Acupuncture/dry needling rebalances the microcirculation of injured tissues. The life of tissues is maintained by an adequate supply of blood, which circulates oxygen and nutrients and removes the products of cell metabolism. Muscles, tendons and ligaments that are stressed suffer from reduced circulation; acupuncture/dry needling restores this circulation and renews the health of affected tissues.


I have found again and again that a simple, thorough course of acupuncture/dry needling speeds the healing from injury, as well as for reducing pain. Acupuncture/dry needling is a simple, non-invasive, cost-effective strategy for restoring health.


Please call my office - 845-255-2070 - for a free consultation so I can more fully explain the principles behind this therapy and how it can help you if you've been injured - or if you wish to minimize the chance of injuring yourself in the future.




Minimize pain. Maximize performance.

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