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Battlefield Acupuncture Comes to New Paltz

I am happy to announce a series of four, low-cost, Battlefield Acupuncture clinics at my Cherry Hill Plaza office in New Paltz. The clinics will take place on Tuesday, May 21; Thursday, May 23; Tuesday, May 28, and Tuesday, June 4. The cost is $55. Treatment is by appointment only.

Battlefield Acupuncture is a protocol for rapid pain relief developed for the U.S. Armed Forces by Air For

ce Col. Richard Niemstow, MD. It entails the placement of tiny needles on and around the external ear. It is being disseminated widely throughout the military for use in combat situations, during the transport of wounded warriors to hospitals, and in V.A. hospitals. As of May, it is accredited for teaching in U.S. and Canadian medical schools.

I recently spent time in Maryland with learning the technique with John Howard, L.Ac. The protocol entails the placement of tiny needles on and around the external ear. The needles are retained for one to three days. Most people experience an immediate reduction in pain, whether for headache, migraine, neck and back pain, pain from arthritis or other pain conditions. I’ve been employing the technique for more than a month in my office. In addition to a reduction in pain, I’ve been seeing a change in the emotional tone of people’s experience of pain.

In June I will enter my 17th year in private practice, and in March I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my office in Cherry Hill Plaza. Battlefield Acupuncture complements my modern, anatomical-physiological approach to acupuncture. I am combining body acupuncture and other hands-on techniques with ear acupuncture to help reduce pain and mobilize the body’s healing response. All acupuncture engages the body’s remarkable ability to regain balance and move toward healing.

Acupuncture is entering the mainstream of American healthcare, as is evidenced by its embrace by our armed forces. With increasing public concern about the use of narcotic pain medication, acupuncture, with a track record stretching back across millennia, is an increasingly attractive vehicle for pain relief. Three bills currently before Congress are aimed at bringing acupuncture within reach of all Americans.

To schedule a clinic appointment or for information, contact William Weinstein, L.Ac. at 845-255-2070 or via his website at Offsite clinics can be scheduled at a venue of your choosing.

© 2019 William Weinstein

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