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Temporary office closing during the Covid-19 health crisis

Dear Friends:

Yesterday I made the decision to

temporarily close my doors during the current health crisis. I will re-evaluate on an ongoing basis.

The important message right now is to limit social contact to prevent the rapid spread of infection. The experience of other countries and US localities tells us that many of us are already carrying the virus. Our hospitals

and health facilities will quickly become overwhelmed if we don’t slow the transmission of illness.

Accurate information is critical to all of us. These are good places to start: Governor Cuomo’s office <>, and, if you live in Ulster County, <>. Please beware of social-media fueled craziness.

Get out and enjoy the spring that’s coming. For myself, this will entail balancing on two wheels, up and down the hills, as often and as far as possible.

My thoughts are with you. I wish you good health. I am always available by phone, text or email.

Bill Weinstein


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